Troops  284 & 384

Summer Camp
Fundraiser Goal
Our Scouts have chosen to create a summer adventure like no other. Help them achieve their goals by supporting their fundraisers! Click here for more information. 

The Trojan pencil holder: this mighty soldier is the defender of any desk holding the pencils at bay until they are once again used. Comes with the pencil holder and 7 starter pencils.


Grill Scraper: A great gift for the grilling enthusiast. Made from Ash or Hickory, these grill scrapers can be customized with any saying.


Hand Crafted Pens: Made from wood collected during the campouts or during summer camp. Each pen is unique and there are no two pens alike.


Drink Smoker: A great idea for the person who likes to elevate their afternoon beverages. (Torch and wood chips not included)


Drink Smoker Set: Everything you need to create an afternoon beverage on the smokey side. Comes with a torch, wood chips and a decorative wooden storage box. $60

Cutting Board: Each cutting board is lasered with an inscription of your choice.


Cutting Board Oil: Protect your cutting board after each wash.